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Digital 2013 – The Magnificent Seven talk Digital . . . . . . .

Digital is the catalyst that transforms our lives and unlocks the potential to create new business opportunities.

As we move from product-centric to service-centric markets, we need to truly understand the value of “digital” and digital services and be ready to create new value for new clients and in new ways.

Creating value was the key theme throughout Digital 2013, which attracted an inspiring line-up of keynote talks from Interactive Scotland, comScore, LinkedIn, Guardian, Chillingo, Fjord and Pearson….The Magnificent Seven.

As I highlighted in my opening address, we should look to both public and private sectors as the adopters and buyers of new digital services. Digital Health and Care, Financial Services, Education and Retail are Markets leading this change.  Creation of the new Digital Health Institute in Edinburgh is a great example of the commitment towards designing new digital services, which will transform care in the community through independent living.

Driving value means we really need to know our customers – and know them well. As customers expand their use of digital services and devices, Chris Thomson from comScore debated that every designer needs to have a clear insight into their customer’s lifestyle. Profiling the customer’s journey is the key to designing new digital services.

However, we need to listen, adapt and react to what customers need. As LinkedIn’s Mark Treacy discussed, gaining a clear insight into their customer’s interests, helped LinkedIn re-design their platform and offer a range of new services that made their customers more productive.

Building new services and being creative in how they’re developed is the approach Guardian’s Matt McAlister and his team took to developing the Guardian Witness platform.  This “Hack Day” project stimulated their creative spirit and inspired designers, users and funders to collaborate and create a platform that became the third top, news app in the UK.

The biggest challenge in creating any new digital service is getting it to market. As Ed Rumley from Chillingo highlighted, with over 400 Apps being launched every day, competition is fierce.  “Hope” of your app being discovered is no longer a successful strategy to winning new business.

When launching new mobile games, Publishers continue to offer one of the best channels to market. However, global App Developer programs are actively encouraging small developer studios to combine their talents to develop and launch apps that can stand out of the crowd and be “edgy”.

So, overall, service redesign is key. We have to remember who we’re designing the service for and Fjord’s John Oswald challenged our understanding and highlighted that Digital is a mindset. Any service being redesigned should always be focussed on the customer. One also needs to understand the context in which the service is being used as this leads towards the three principles of creating valuable services: INPUT->IDEA->IMPACT

Looking forward, we need to think about the next generation of services and the people that will use them– education and digital are inseparable now. Today’s children are the first generation that treat digital as if its natural as air and Pearson’s Tom Hall set us the challenge to rethink our understanding of technology in Education.

Our children are not afraid in using technology and strive to make learning fun.  Learning through digital services is the growth opportunity but the lack of people learning to code is now impacting the development of new digital services.

Bringing together Scotland’s leading digital and creative agency thought leaders from Leithal Thinking, Equator, Bright Signals, STV and Yard Digital, Digital 2013 was not complete without our speakers covering  the principles of building an effective digital brand towards gaining attention for your service in a crowded space.

Through the growth and integration of digital services, multiple-platforms and channels, and digital content, organisations, micro businesses, and individuals are increasingly spending more time, effort and cost developing and creating that ultimate digital presence.

Organisations want to create greater value for their businesses and practices, and are discovering there is an opportunity to generate greater return from their digital presence.

Digital 2013 will explore the approaches of how leading organisations are “Designing their Digital Presence” and how they are generating a return on their investment – in terms of money, attention from customers, and value perceived by them. We will be exploring topics including responsive design, methods for analysing and making use of data, creation of compelling digital content, approaches to building profitable digital services and digital service definition.

Structured across a programme of Keynotes, Panels, Workshops and Exhibitions, Digital 2013 brings together the sector’s key influencers responsible for developing the commercial, digital and creative strategies and provides the launchpad for picking up the latest approaches for Creating and Measuring Value from Digital.

At Digital 2013, you will:

  • learn about how leading organisations are designing a compelling digital presence
  • learn methods for analysing and making the right use of data and returning revenue
  • understand how to design absorbing digital experiences
  • network with like-minded organisations for potential collaboration on projects

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