The Digital 2013 Programme

The Digital 2013 programme is still in development.

The Digital 2012 programme

To give you an idea of how Digital 2013, here is the programme from last year.


10:00 – 11:00
11:15 – 12.15

Workshop 1: Creating a Sustainable Inspirational Idea
Ian Mackenzie, Media Project Manager, Creative Diversity Channel 4 & Gordon Brown, Creator, Brain Juice Chunk

It’s all about the idea…a sustainable business or project is built around good inspirational ideas that are innovative and meet the needs of the target market. This workshop will provide an overview of creative and lateral thinking to bring out your best ideas! You will leave this workshop with:

  • A basic understanding of the creative process.
  • An understanding of the key barriers to creativity.
  • A definition of creativity.
  • An understanding of the roles and benefits of creativity within the workplace.
  • A proprietary set of tools and techniques to enhance personal and group creativity.
  • A wide range of tips and processes to enhance all aspects of the creative process from personal issues through to team brainstorming.

10:00 – 11:00
11:15 – 12.15

Workshop 2: Scoping the Market Opportunity
Mairi Robertson, NMP

One of the crucial steps when you have a brilliant idea for a product or service is understanding your market. This workshop will share some of the tips of the trade leaving you with a checklist of things you should know before you launch your product or service. It will cover areas such as:

  • Articulating your Unique Selling Point
  • Defining your target market
  • Sizing your market opportunity
  • Knowing your competitors
  • Assessing market demand
  • Choosing the right price point
  • Knowing your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats your business will face in its market.

The workshop will provide you with an opportunity to work through the checklist for your business and ask advice from the workshop facilitator.

10:00 – 11:00
11:15 – 12.15

Workshop 3: Launching the Product or Service Online
Tino Nombro, Managing Director, Ambergreen Internet Marketing Ltd

Having a great product is not enough. How you take it to market will determine its success. This workshop will talk about marketing strategies that will help your product / service succeed. This workshop will cover areas such as:

  • Addressable markets
  • Positioning your product,
  • Social media strategy,
  • Going viral,
  • Product strategy,
  • Distribution strategy,
  • Pricing and promotion.

10:00 – 11:00
11:15 – 12.15

Workshop 4: Accelerating Sales and Generating Income
Mellissa Norman, Digital & Collaborative Business Strategist, Media-Sauce

This interactive workshop is for any company who would like to add value through bringing sales techniques to their pitching process, increase their sales and generate more income. We will give you an introduction to the sales process, from what you need to do before meeting the client, to how to find a need to overcoming objections and closing the sale.

This workshop will focus on the following key elements to generating income and accelerating sales:

  • How to convert a potential customer into a customer
  • Learn how people decide to buy
  • Understand what the common customer objections and how you can overcome them
  • Define the features you have to offer and the benefits you can deliver to your customers
  • Key questioning techniques that will help to uncover a need
  • How to make it easier to close a sale

10:00 – 11:00
11:15 – 12.15

Workshop 5: Partnerships and Collaborations
Julie Tait, Director, Culture Sparks; Gillian Easson, Development Manager, NESTA; Rohan Gunatillake, Producer, 21awake
Finding the right partner is critical for any business to succeed.  This workshop will give participants early access to information about emerging funding streams designed to facilitate collaboration.  Learn more about these opportunities from the sector leaders in supporting technical and creative collaborations – NESTA, Sync and AmbITion Scotland, the delivery team for the Digital Development thread of Creative Scotland‘s Cultural Economy Programme. This workshop will help you start to identify partners, how you might work with them and explore what types of collaborations would work best for your business.  The workshop is also about meeting new people and sparking new connections, so be prepared to get up out of your chair and talk to interesting people from across the digital, creative and cultural sectors.

10:00 – 11:00
11:15 – 12.15
Workshop 6: Internationalisation
Alex McGuire, Senior International Trade Manager, Scottish Development International
Scottish Development International (SDI) will host a workshop on the ways they can support digital media and creative companies to export and grow their business internationally. Participants will learn how to access services and tools to help their business as well as hear from companies who are developing their businesses into international success stories. This workshop will help you understand:

  • Why your business should look to grow internationally
  • How to start on your international export journey
  • How to develop and implement International plans
  • Where to access support tools and services
  • Who can help your business grow
  • The International successes and challenges experienced by others


Chair’s Introduction & Conference Welcome
Catriona Campbell, Founder, Foviance
Digital 2012’s opening address will highlight the great opportunities open to Scotland’s digital media, creative and arts sector and explores how collaborative opportunities and partnerships are a powerful solution to generating new ideas as well as improving creativity, competitiveness and profitability.


Opening Keynote: Futurology for a Creative, Digital & Cultural Society
Dave Coplin, Director of Search and Futurologist, Microsoft
Digital Media is a fast moving and growing area with a plethora of opportunities. Prophetic predictions will be made on the converging fields of technology, entertainment and design. Also hear about what should have happened, but didn’t–and what shouldn’t have happened, but did.


Social TV: Transforming the way we interact
Paul Gillooly, Commercial Development Director, Emerging Products, BSkyB

The simultaneous growth of both connected TVs and the social media networks threatens to transform the television experience. The emergence of ‘social TV’ has generated considerable hype and interest from the Tech community and investors despite the market being still relatively nascent. What might those new opportunities be for broadcasters, producers and advertisers? What could be the impact on the UK market?


Cultural Vitalisation: The creativity of digital museums
Mark Sands Director of Audiences and Media, Tate
Enhancing an audience’s cultural experience through digital engagement provides the prospect of increasing the value of a collection and transition towards a self-sustaining business model. However, does “Digital” fit in with the “Old”, what digital tools are proving to be a successful evolution for visitor attractions and are they proving to be value for money. The presentation will explore the opportunities for digital interactivity.

Coffee Break


Big Brand Theory: Maximising the value from your content
Jean-Philippe Randisi, Executive Vice President, Consumer Products, ITV
How should a content creator set their strategy for taking their content from the digital space and develop it into a ubiquitous brand. Should it be through traditional or emerging digital channels? Should you expand the brand of the business or that of the programme and how do you maximise the value from your content portfolio. The presentation will explore:

  • What makes a brand from the digital world to the real world
  • What does it take to convert a digital audience
  • How do you achieve brand consistency in the digital age


Creating a thriving new digital business with curated, discoverable and downloadable content.
Simon Walker, Director Developer Programs & Services, Barnes and Noble & Cary Grant, Business Development Director, Media Apps & Digital Content Barnes & Noble
With the exploding growth of the Reader’s Tablet, it is clear that apps have a firm place alongside other types of digital content – eBooks, magazines, graphic novels, and kids’ picture books. More importantly it is clear customers are willing to pay, consistently, for this quality content.

Through the NOOK brand, Barnes & Noble, as the world’s largest bookseller, has designed the best portfolio of single purpose readers and hybrid tablet products and has acquired millions of new customers who are eager to purchase digital content through a curated and engaging experience.

In this presentation the company will share the facts behind the success it has experienced within one aspect of their digital business, NOOKApps(tm). They will also share how, as a creative company or Entrepreneur, developers can profit from this new platform and thriving new ecosystem.


Staying ahead of the Crowd – Starting and growing a new digital enabler
Kevin Bradshaw, Founder & Chief Executive, Zendit


How do you create and launch a digital platform developer and expand such a business when working with external creative leaders? What works and what doesn’t? How do you find new business? How do you manage your teams while increasing business on a service basis. Can you also launch your own products? If so, how do you maintain a balance between being a service provider and product developer?


Panel Debate: Creating Commercial Opportunities with Digital Stakeholders – What’s the Secret Recipe?
Pandel Moderator: Danny Meaney, Managing Director, New Media Partners


As creativity and innovation accelerates at lightning speed how must traditional cultural, creative and digital companies adapt their strategies to compete with the innovators of the new media world. The question open to the panel and our audiences is: How do you connect with the digital stakeholders? What are the game changing business models I need to adopt? What are the best models for collaboration?


Catriona Campbell: Foviance,
Dave Coplin: Microsoft,
Paul Gillooly: BSkyB
Marc Sands: Tate
Jean-Philippe Randisi: ITV
Simon Walker: Barnes & Noble
Cary Grant: Barnes & Noble
Kevin Bradshaw: Zendit

Chair’s Closing Remarks
Catriona Campbell, Founder, Foviance
A round-up of the conference’s key visions, highlights and inspirations for future collaboration

Close of Conference