The Digital 2013 Programme


Loch Suite

Registration & Exhibition

10:00 – 10:10

Lomond Auditorium

Chair’s Introduction & Conference Welcome

Alisdair Gunn, Project Director, Interactive Scotland

Digital 2013’s opening address highlights the pathway
for the digital sector and touches on the key highlights
and opportunities that are on the horizon for the digital
and creative sector.

10:10 – 10:30

Lomond Auditorium


Keynote 1: Thinking Digital: Returning value from your Digital Investment

Chris Thomson, Account Director, comScore

With an average of 3 in 10 ads that are never actually
seen by their target audience, it’s more important
than ever for advertisers to evaluate campaign view-
ability to improve optimisation and maximise the return
on their media spend. So how do you evaluate your
audience?, what are the devices they use? and how do
you make sure ‘that content’ is delivered accurately
and returns revenue?

10:30 – 11.00

Lomond Auditorium


Keynote 2 - Secondary Sales – Building Relationships with the World’s Professionals

Mark Treacy, International Director, LinkedIn

LinkedIn are making a bold push into content: creating
it, curating it and working with Thought Leaders to
cut through the incredible online clutter. As their
platform continues to transform into a destination
for consumption and publication of business content,
Mark will explain how this is fuelling member growth
and engagement, as well as discuss how companies
are leveraging and building deeper relationships with
key audiences by connecting members to the ideas &
insights they are seeking.

11:00 – 11.20

Lomond Auditorium

Guradian Media Group

Keynote 3 – Open Thinking, Open Design, Open Digital

Matt McAlister, Director of Digital Strategy, Guardian Media Group

When curating online media and using digital networks
to amplify what’s important and interesting in our
world, crowdsourcing innovation through collaborative
design can create some amazing results. Sharing
behind the scenes details of the Guardian’s hyperlocal
mobile publishing platform – n0tice, Matt will examine
how a hack day project became a live community and
turn into a citizen journalism tool.
Q: did a somebody’s masterplan go really well or really
A: yes

11:20 – 11:50

Hall 1

Coffee Break & Exhibition

11:50 -12:10

Lomond Auditorium


Keynote 4 – Games Strategy: Publishing Indie Mobile Games in Today’s Competitive Marketplace

Edward Rumley, COO, Chillingo, Electronic Arts

With the games industry pushing new boundaries
through indie studios and the contest to existing
business models from free-to-play games, Ed will
explore the challenges facing today’s Mobile
Marketplace. Why partner with a publisher and
can studios really make money in today’s mobile

12:10 – 12:30

Lomond Auditorium

Fjord Logo_Black

Keynote 5 – Digital opportunities, Digital Mindsets: How to get valuable services to market

John Oswald, Business Design Lead, Fjord

Digital is a big word, with big connotations, not to
mention several meanings. First of all, John will
look at what is really meant by ‘digital’, the major
opportunities it affords, some aspects we should
steer clear of. There’s also some golden rules for
digital services – what to focus on, what not to get
distracted by, how to frame services that are going to
be meaningful and valuable. And then there’s how to
deliver digital services and get them to market, in a way
that ensures we meet our objectives and learn as we go.

12.30 – 12:50

Lomond Auditorium


Keynote 6 – Designing the Lab: Transforming the Global Classroom

Tom Hall, VP Education Technology Partnerships, Pearson

From Mumbai to Sao Paolo, San Francisco to
Copenhagen, digital tech is playing an ever greater
role in the way we learn. But it’s not just about shiny
new devices: how can we use this shift in mediums to
make learning more engaging, more personal, more
effective? What does a textbook look like in 3 years
time? What do students expect from their teachers
today, and how ready are we to meet this?

12:50 – 13:30

Lomond Auditorium

Fireside Panel Debate: Multiple Platforms – Are you at the right Station?

Chair: Julie Moulsdale, Perceptive Partners

Chris Thomson, comScore; Mark Treacy, LinkedIn; Matt McAlister, Guardian Media Group; Edward Rumley, Chillingo, Electronic Arts; John Oswald, Fjord and Tom Hall, Pearson.

Reflecting on our appetite for changing media, like how
we love to use social media whilst watching TV, can
we keep up with the constant reshaping of our digital
space?, Are we using the right platform?, Are we
missing out on something? Our panel will chat about
the changes affecting their markets and provide insights
into future business opportunities that lie ahead for
digital and creative leaders. Of course the debate will
be mashed up by your questions to the panel.


Lomond Auditorium

Chair’s Closing Remarks

Alisdair Gunn, Project Director, Interactive Scotland

A round-up of the conference’s key visions and highlights

13:30 – 14:45

Hall 1

Lunch & Exhibition

14:45 – 15:45
16:15 – 17:15

Boisdale 1


Workshop 1: Building an Effective Digital Brand

Jim Wolff, Digital Planner, Leithal Thinking

With the latest insights and approaches to digital brand
designs in their minds, the workshop explores the best
strategies for capturing customer sentiment before
cutting the design.. The workshop will cover areas
such as brand design fundamentals as well as how to
formulate a digital engagement strategy. So where do I
start? How do I use my research and analysis to create
a compelling digital brand?… and do I know if I have a
good one?

14:45 – 15:45
16:15 -17:15

Alsh 1
Equator Logo Black

Workshop 2: Returning Revenue from Data Tracking

Martin Jordan, Marketing Director, Equator

Looking at the market trends and changes taking place
in monitoring data, the workshop will look at how a
business should respond to the information they obtain
through the likes of Google Analytics and Facebook
Insights. Case studies showing how data analysis leads
into user-journeys including the analytic methods a
Startup/Small business can use to generate revenue,
will be explored.

14:45 – 15:45
16:15 -17:15

Alsh 2


Workshop 3: Building Agility and Responsiveness using Digital Tools

David Craik, Director, Bright Signals

Agile marketing is for organisations that need to move
faster and get better results from their online activities.
It’s based on principles that are applied day in, day out
in businesses like Google, Facebook and Hubspot. This
session will look at both theory and practice, including
some practical tips on how to apply agile marketing
techniques to grow traffic and convert more visitors to
customers. Topics will include:

Agile Marketing Background:
- Principles
- Process

Agile Marketing Practice:
- Agile Adwords and SEO
- Content and creative – generating ideas
- Conversion optimisation – agile A/B testing

14:45 – 15:45
16:15 -17:15

Carron 1 (upper level)

Workshop 4: Developing Digital Assets and IP
Alistair Brown, Chief Technology & Platforms Officer, STV Group
Michael McTernan, Director of Digital Development, STV Commercial
Remi Brunier, Product Manager, STV Player

When building world-class digital projects, the importance of crafting and designing content is fundamental in new media design. Digital Design can’t be done in isolation and requires bringing digital talent with responsive design techniques to create a compelling digital asset and optimal viewing experiences.

Introduced by Alistair, Michael and Remi will explore the latest approaches and techniques to responsive design and will cover the strategy and approaches they took to developing the mobile, Digital TV, Broadband and Online STV Players, which deliver the catch up TV service across Scotland.

With the prime Objective being Engagement, Michael and Remi will discuss how their responsive design strategy, across multiple platforms and devices, resulted in more people visiting STV Player and created a compelling engaging experience for the viewer!

14:45 – 15:45
16:15 -17:15

Boisdale 2


Workshop 5: Gaining attention in a crowded space – subverting social media platforms

Andrew Burnett, Head of Social, Yard Digital

Exploring the roles of perception and reality in the
context of today’s social media landscape, can reality
be changed by challenging perceptions? With real
world examples the workshop will look into whether
individuals and brands should embrace social media
to help shape their perception, or, rather alter their
reality. Attendees are invited to join in for a deep and
critical look into the ever changing landscape that is
social media.

15:45 – 16:15

Hall 1

Coffee Break & Exhibition

17:15 – 19:30

Hall 1

Networking Drinks & Dinner with Exhibition


Close of Conference

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